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Old workshop hidden "treasure"! Recalling the centuries-old shipping management culture ......

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China Fuzhou Mawei

A place with history, industry, glory ...

Closely linked to the human treasure

Maritime Silk Road departure port

There was a brilliant marine culture here

Created Shen Baozhen, Yan Fu, Deng Shichang, Zhan Tianyou and so on

A group of outstanding talents and outstanding naval officers and men

It is an important birthplace of China's modern industry

The cradle of modern Chinese navy


After the time 荏 荏

Old quiet workshop here

Is a new look to the world to show the glory of the old industry ...

In 2017, a formal car museum opened by the former Mawei Shipyard's cutting workshop was formally opened in the Fuzhou Mawei Ship Bureau Gezhiyuan Scenic Area. This implies that this cultural and creative exhibition integrating Western industry and Oriental wisdom is once again at the foot of this piece of China's modern industrial cradle.

The building was built in the 70s of last century, the original Mawei shipyard cutting workshop, construction area of ​​1674 square meters, 2014 renovation. After the renovation of the exterior of the cutting shop integration of modern elements, the internal structure is basically retained the original appearance of the factory shop in the 1970s.

Huiyuan Classic Car Expo Hall and Huiyuan Car Living Museum is planned and operated by a professional cultural and creative institution - Huiyuan Cultural and Creative Development Co., Ltd. Huiyuan Culture is based on Fujian Mawei Shiping's Green House and through its unique mode of "car +" Political culture and car culture sharing, to further promote and promote the shipping culture.

The museum as a private, non-profit, general museum, under the Hercynian classic car trading center and repair center, perennial classic car bonded display and trading, classic car financing leasing, repair and other projects.

The museum has a number of models of precious, very representative classic cars, such as: Austin, Beatles, Osmoobello, Piaggio, Indian, Mercedes and other classic models.

This 1930 Austin vintage has been around for almost a century now and has been hailed as one of Europe's most successful economy cars before Beatles.

And to talk about classic cars in classic cars, I have to mention Beatles . 1933 Germany's Ferdinand Porsche designed this model, with its outstanding economic durability, after World War II become the best-selling car in Europe and to the world, becoming the world's most recognized and the longest known models, called the car The wonders of the world.

Father of scooters! - Italy from Piaggio Motorcycle

Legend 116 contains! - Indian motorcycle from the United States

At the same time, Huiyuan Auto Living Museum self-employed: Bentley, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other parallel imports of luxury car brands, all types of automotive import agency business. Porsche Cayenne has a number of luxury resource advantages such as Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Audi, Toyota Elfa.


As the world's top leisure motorcycle brand, the growth of Harley Motorcycles has concentrated the history of the brand since the United States in 1903 for a century. For more than a century, Harley-Davidson has become more than a motorcycle but a unique lifestyle that represents freedom and individuality.

As well as the world's limited edition Alfa Romeo SZ , any Alfa Romeo model in the country belongs to the wild animal protection category.

Alfa Romeo once come out, with extraordinary remarkable performance, rapid conquest of the world. Since then, Alfa Romeo has been making classic legends ever since. Today, the Alfa Romeo logo is increasingly becoming a symbol of the pursuit of innovation and driving pleasure in the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world.

When As a cultural symbol of the classic cars, in addition to their legendary birth background enough attractive, unique design also allows them to have a high degree of recognition. More importantly, as they experienced the baptism of time and precipitation, these beautiful figure was interpreted more and more particularly charming, full of warmth and nostalgia.

It is these collectors who love classic cars, will create these never outdated, never fade classic!

Huiyuan Culture

Huiyuan Classic Car Museum, Huiyuan Automobile Museum is the first "car +" cultural and creative project of Fujian Huiyuan Cultural and Creative Development Co., Ltd. in China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone. The company is committed to the cultural exchange of classic cars, the rental and display of classic cars , Classic Car Expo Venue rental, exhibition and auction, convention and conference organization and services, cultural events planning and organization, set car sales and service, Harley-Davidson motorcycle sales and service, Cheyou Club, car culture salon, high-end used car evaluation transactions With one, supporting a variety of boutique, professional conversion, personalized custom, auto finance, auto insurance, coffee bar, wine cigar bar, tea art residence, the size of conference rooms, to provide you with high-end, elegant one-stop butler service.

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