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Shunde delicious, delicious fried to the milk!

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In Old Shunde, still fishing rice fields, the country to raise buffalo for more livestock, leisure grazing, squeezing the cow's milk to drink.

People in the fresh squeeze water into the sugar instant drink, then boil tea, stewed milk, cooked milk stewed chicken. Later, people who know how to eat and drink Shunde gradually from steamed milk to fried milk, fried milk, pot paste milk, but also with the edge of the furnace furnace, soaked fish ... ...

As the famous edible essayist Shen Hongfei said, Shunde people are always getting a deep understanding of milk, "let alone in Lingnan, that is, the entire Han nationality is also very rare"

Today, lychee Jun to say

A province of Hong Kong and Macao famous milk food

Fried milk!

Speaking of fried milk

Shunde no need to know the number of large deep fried milk


Da Liang fried milk was born in the late 1970s, cooks all the finest Shunde chefs from the "big fried milk" and "Crispy Horseshoe cakes" inspired.

He thought that the milk can be fried, is not it more fragrant? Horseshoe cake steamed frozen sizing can be crisp fried, milk should also be fried.

So after many experiments cooking, at a banquet for the first time was on the fried milk, diners feel fresh and delicious after the taste, the golden color full of auspicious, then fried milk spread by both eyes and mind spread like wildfire, Shunde and more The restaurant also have fried milk on the recommended dishes.

Because inspired by the big fried milk, and the main production of water from the big gold bullshit, this dish is called Da Liang fried milk.

Fried milk, sweet and savory, with sweet type is more common.

"China Famous Food Encyclopedia," this evaluation Da Liang fried milk: "size like dominoes, color like egg yolk, crust crisp sweet incense, pine inside the soft slippery, pleasant sweet milk, nutritious.

Shunde gourmet so called fried milk: golden color is very beautiful, the skin is crisp, which is fragrant and slippery, like milk is still flowing.


As fried milk continues to improve in Shunde population

An endless stream of flavored and shaped fried milk

Fried chicken with the same fried milk

A bit like fried fat

Delicacy fried milk in the shape of an egg roll

Egg-shaped fried milk

Bread crust fried milk

Cheese taste fried milk

Soy sauce milk fried salty milk

Well, our fried milk is how to do Shunde?


To make authentic Shunde fried milk, it is best to use Shunde water milk. Buffalo milk fat content can reach 7.5% -10% (Ordinary flower milk cow's milk fat concentration of about 3% -4%), so the buffalo milk is particularly fragrant, fried milk made with water milk will be particularly flavored


Ingredients: Corn flour 40g, milk 375ml, protein 2, salt, sugar 1/2 teaspoon, water 1/2 cup, sugar 50g, baking powder 20g, vegetable oil 200 G


After the corn flour and milk mix well, add oil, salt and sugar for seasoning, simmer with slow heat, during which you need to keep stirring until boiling

Turn off the fire, divided into 3 times fast-stirring protein stir, pour the oil-coated square pan, placed in the freezer after cooling for 1-2 hours frozen, frozen domino-shaped strips

Put a small cake into the batter evenly batter, but not too much, or the shape of the explosion is not good

Pour the oil in the pan and turn it on until it reaches a minimum of 60%, then put it into a slow-fry piece of milk cake and remove it until the crust is crisp

Finally drain the oil, stained with sugar. To make a sweet and savory taste can be, add sugar to sweet, salty salt. Sandwich a piece of fried milk taste, creamy taste, sweet and not greasy, is indeed Shunde famous dishes.


How? Fried milk is delicious delicious!