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Vivienne Hu QQ space joint launch of digital tide, stunning Chinese elements

Design 2018-02-12 14:31:05 32

Near the Spring Festival, not only the domestic lively, the fashion industry is also lively at the other end of the ocean. In New York Fashion Week in 2018, Li Ning's "enlightenment" before the theme of retro fashion make China a stunning fashion appearance; then in New York time on February 13, the famous Chinese designer Vivienne Hu (Vivienne Hu) to Dunhuang Mogao Cave for the inspiration of the 2018 autumn and winter series of design fashion show will be released in Fashion Week, and the site open brand VHNY and Tencent QQ space jointly launched the world's first digital tide shoes, so that Chinese traditional culture once again brush the world show.

QQ Space and Vivienne Hu work together to create a new fashion trend for young people

Vivienne Hu, as a well-known Chinese designer who has been invited to host the New York Fashion Week for seven consecutive shows, blends classic European elegance with New York street fashion with the exotic Asian flavor. The brand was first established in 2012, a place in New York fashion circles, international celebrities and celebrities are very fond of her design and brand clothing.

QQ space as the most popular social platform for young people in China, monthly active users reached 568 million, of which more than 35% of users is 95 after. Previously, QQ space through Tencent gifted map artificial intelligence on the platform hundreds of billions of users after the public photo identification analysis, with the resulting favorite after 95 colors, appeared in New York and held the first "avant-garde fashion" AI + fashion show .

In 2018, QQ Space also formally launched the "Space Tide" trend culture development project. It hopes to create a trend symbol that represents the post-1980 attitude through cross-border cooperation with the trend areas and infiltrate this trend attitude with young people's life. Therefore, the cross-border cooperation between the two parties can be described as a coincidence, giving full play to their respective advantages and combining the international fashion with the trend of China so as to help the trend of China go to the world.

The world's first digital tide shoes launch, fashion trend of technology + culture

In addition, QQ space and Vivienne H cross-border cooperation, but also intended to use "technology + culture" approach to world-class cultural heritage and young people to form a connection. It is jointly launched by VHNY, the leading designer brand of Vivienne Hu, and is not only the first glittering digital tide shoe in the world, but also an exploration of the collision and integration of traditional Chinese culture with technology and fashion.

Vivienne Hu 2018 autumn and winter clothing design inspiration comes mainly from the history of about 1645 years ago Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, the use of amber, indigo, green, cinnabar and other colors used in murals or Buddha's main color to create. The QQ space X VHNY space across the joint launch of tide shoes, shoe fabrics own cloud pattern inspired by the pattern of Dunhuang Xiangyun, the East will be the traditional arts and culture and New York modern street fashion, to achieve the perfect combination.

In addition, this shoe uses a new type of lighting fiber fabric, can be red, blue, green, purple, white, amber and other colors, charging through the hidden USB interface, the wearer can flash and continuous light in two modes Personalized choice between. This tide shoes at the New York Fashion Week debut on the American stars and the trend of the world's attention and sought after.

"Space Tide" continues to work, QQ space or the trend of young adults gathered

For Chinese influx of people, the QQ space and VHNY brand joint tide shoes, you can also make an appointment in the QQ space. Beijing February 14 New York Fashion Week show field release the same day, QQ space online activity page also synchronized on the line, people can not only watch on the micro-watching live broadcast, you can also direct booking tide shoes, then, QQ space for the majority of influx of people Bring more welfare activities.

2018 QQ space will continue to force the trend of the area, there are already many trend areas of media and opinion leaders settled in space for more young people to provide trend information, some tide analysis, the real "space boom" to implement To every young person. And then, QQ space will be on-line "tide" community, the trend of people not only to discuss here, you can also buy influx of goods, to achieve the true trend of integration experience, QQ space to create a large-scale trend Assembly point.

From this New York Fashion Week point of view, 2018 Chinese fashion will be more to the world. The QQ space will also be launched in 2018 more trend activities, as a new force to promote China's trend.