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Lang Ping even dig two new people? After Jiangsu 98 two teams into the national team, one under 18 years old

Sports 2018-02-27 18:20:00 18

The first phase of this year's women's volleyball team training has begun, as the league is still under way, Zhu Ting's season is still under way. This issue of training staff is not complete, mainly new entrants.

However, due to the semi-finals signings, the original name in the training of many players are unable to attend. For example, both Liu Yan and Liu Xiaotong were unable to attend the training because of the transfer to Liaoning and Tianjin women's volleyball teams. A serious shortage of staff, according to informed sources in Jiangsu, Jiangsu Women's Volleyball two young attackers Wu Han and Xu Luyao was temporarily enacted, also participated in the training.

Wu Han entered the team this season, but because of the reason for the surgery during the offseason, Wu Han did not represent the Jiangsu Women's Volleyball League this season. In fact, the end of the second phase of the league, Wu Han has resumed training, and also participated in the Jiangsu women's volleyball team practice. Before the Final Four, many people thought that Wu Han had the chance to play. May be the result With the arrival of Li Jing, Wu Han was completely abandoned.

Although not yet unveiled, but the outside world has a lot of expectations Wu Han. She is the core of the offensive women's volleyball team, a good hand serve, pass and defense are remarkable. In addition, Wu Han is also seen as Hui Ruo Qi's successor. In fact, last year's training camp, Wu Han entered the big list, however, she missed because of injuries.

Xu Lu Yao is also younger than Wu Han. Wu Han was born in 1998 and is 20 years old. Xu Luyao was a young player born in 2000 and has not reached the age of 18 this year. Xu Luyao is the country's number one team scorer, height is said to have reached 1 meter 92. At the juvenile level, Xu Luyao is already a scoreless machine. Xu Luyao with good physical condition has also been seen as Wang Yimei's new successor.

However, the current national team has not confirmed the two were selected national team news. However, the two fans revealed the news, the reliability is still quite high. The outside world is also full of expectations of the two, I hope the two teenager selected the national team can get more improvement.