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Supreme can not afford the Supreme pinball machine release date ahead of exposure? ! Such

Fashion 2018-03-01 09:57:29 192

Just confirmed 2018SS Supreme will cooperate with Stern Pinball to bring a joint pinball machine, directly ignited the trend of the ring, the trend of people from all walks of life are eager to have this god-class joint ball machine. However, it has also been reported before by us that the joint official pinball machine pricing is directly marked at $ 10,000 and the sales volume control is also very harsh. Today, there is a great god on Instagram message, this high price pachinko machine is extremely limited sale of 100 units, and only on sale at the official website, and the offline store is still involved in the sale of unknown state. As for the sale time, God said it may be the Supreme 20th week is June 5 sale of this joint pachinko machine. Although the high price of the joint pachinko parcel sale price is far behind, but such a rare sale and high degree of concern, it is bound to speculate in the market price even more amazing, so interested to start not only to fight More financial resources to fight strength.